This is where links to past and forthcoming writing will be housed, it serves as an easily-accessed archive of published works.

Thinking about whatever, writing about whatever.

Chain Slap
I’m been working with Chain Slap from its beginnings, and Brett has given me the freedom to write and contribute whatever I feel like, which has produced interesting results. It’s an on-going relationship, and a rewarding one at that – below are the links to what’s gone live so far:

The Long Format Brodown
The Winter Closeout
Get Off My Lawn

Switchbacks for days.


The premise of Eskapee is akin to that of the “Slow Food” movement. To be able to be a contributor for this online publication is a real treat:

The Happiest
Lads On Tour
Grease Stains
Contributor Profile

Feature story on Neko Mulally.

Big Print is back. It’s been a real joy to be a contributor since the inception, buy the issues here.

Film Aint Dead


Stuart Leel is putting in effort where few others dare: Print, and it’s a zine at that…check it out!


Winning at home is a good feeling.

Vital MTB

My work with Vital MTB is really varied, and I’ve written a few things for the site in the interim of shooting events:

Lourdes 2017 Analysis
Bike Fetish Press Camp
Neko Mulally, Off The Cuff Audio
Santa Cruz Dealer Day