The Start Gate presents Shorts Weather Trail Works, the side of the brand is about working within the community to help foster relationships with local government/organizations and the rides who use, make, and maintain the beloved trail networks. We help devise annual goals and reports projecting usage, growth, and continued development and betterment of the trail systems.

Zach Faulkner

Lead Consultant and Builder

I am a tenacious and articulate life-long lover of being outside. I use my 15 years of experience and expertise in the MTB industry and trail building to help guide communities of decision-makers and riders alike on how to manage, maintain, and grow their scene by working collaboratively, fostering a productive continual dialog with regards to community outreach and integration.

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Focus on Sustainability

Environmentally driven ethos

Our biggest focus with regards to trail development, betterment, and sustainability is make sure it is all as low-impact as possible. We at SWTW believe in hand-built trails which preserve the natural aesthetic of the woods. Machines are helpful at times, but for us, that’s a last resort, as we prefer to the classic single track ribbons winding through the trees.

Many Options

Building to ability.

Catering to a wide audience is important to SWTW, as more people on bikes is seen as a big positive regarding our initiative. We feel that building a greater number of ability-based trails with proper signage and information is a superior tactic to building only a couple “all-use” trails. Drawing in a broader range of abilities with greater offerings will allow for more growth within the community and provide safe and fun trails for all riders respectively without congestions and conflict.