Full Symphony Orchestra

At an age when most kids had headphones in and a scowl on their face, I was outside with a shovel in my hand.  The only rhythm and beat drumming in my ears was the one created from digging, throwing, and packing dirt.  Building jumps and trails, those sounds were the music of my younger... Continue Reading →

Why So Serious?

Wet foliage on crisp fall morning is what racing smells like.  I know a lot of people think hot, dusty trails and the smell of gloves is racing, but my race smells like my first downhill race in September of 2004 in the White Mountains of New Hampshire.  There, as an unwitting 14 year old... Continue Reading →

It’s All About The Bike

Are you slow?  Do you keep crashing?  Can’t find those winning seconds?  For some reason you can’t just “whip it out” on the local hill?  Don’t worry!  It’s not you, it’s your bike!  Fear not, Lance Armstrong was totally wrong when he titled his book, “It’s not about the bike”; It’s ALL about the bike.... Continue Reading →


Our social culture romanticizes antiquity.  Generationally, we have all embraced a love for a time come and gone, finding a real interest in nostalgia, though only in the most idyllic ways.  We pick and choose the rosey bits that make us swoon and yearn for “a simpler time”.  Call the movement “Hipster”, but giving it... Continue Reading →

Fat Tire Initiative

There are many horrible sounds we all have to put up with in our day-to-day: car alarms, cell phone users in line for coffee, most top-40 music, babies crying, etc.  But one sound that trumps them all has to be that fateful sound of air rapidly escaping from your tube inside your tire while riding,... Continue Reading →

Say Cheese

I started taking pictures because I felt as though there wasn’t a good enough record of my existence thus far here on Spaceship Earth.  The hobby started with pictures of my friends, places or views of note, and any other moment I felt should be immortalized in a [digital] negative.  What started as a semi-morbid... Continue Reading →

Gwinning Killed The MTB Star

I know he didn’t mean to, but I think Aaron Gwin accidentally ruined DH racing.  It was a slow build up, but it happened.  He showed up one day to a WC on board a Yeti 303, and bar humped his way into our hearts - we were fans immediately.  But then something weird happened:... Continue Reading →

One Life, One Ride

Inspiring moments come along pretty frequently these days due in part to the immediacy of our need to know, and the rate at which news travels.  Each day online there is a new headline about a touching tale of adversity overcome, or some philanthropic gesture from one stranger to another.  It is great to see,... Continue Reading →

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