Icicles on my bicycle. Fun to say, but the conditions that lead up to that point are questionable at best. Riding through iced-over puddles, the front wheel like the prow of a ship charging through early winter seas, the ensuing descent instantly harrowing as the realization of having literally frozen calipers takes place after cresting... Continue Reading →

Two Degrees

  The Handlebar, without it we would probably ride unicycles. It is the main greeting point on a bike, the first thing you grab. People don't know much about their bars past the material from which they are made. But, really, the handlebar is highly undervalued and underrated - it is the unsung hero of the... Continue Reading →

Racer Ready…

Definitely don’t call it a comeback. Just putting it out there... With that said, I was finally able to make good on a goal from this year and get back between the tape. For the first time since 2015, I entered and competed in an Elite Men’s DH race (a.k.a. the Pro Open in the... Continue Reading →

Necessary Flair

I don't dress particularly well, I don't flaunt items of value or importance, and I don't have "expensive taste" in the common sense of the phrase. I do own a lot of bikes, top-range electronic equipment, and I eat a lot... so in the less common sense of the phrase, all I do is spend money... Continue Reading →

Can you feel the speed?

I will never not own a DH bike. To me, it is the ultimate contraption for fun. This is the new race rig, and I'm fired up about it. I remember the first time I watched the gen-1 version of this design functioning as intended, and it blew my mind: Remi Thirion, MSA, 2015 - he... Continue Reading →

MSA Finals

Twas a beauty of a day for a race. The Women's race was a battle against a track which had up-and-gone from the time they practiced at 8am to when they raced at 12:30pm. Not a super fair thing in my eyes. But, they cracked on with it, fighting it out, bike against ruts and... Continue Reading →

MSA Qualifying

Sunny day and a light breeze made for a nice time on the hill. The cameras had a different idea though and made life difficult. Good shots were limited shooting on the 5D instead of the 1D, but the race went on. Loic looked good and qualified in 2nd, so here are some shots of... Continue Reading →

MSA Practice

Today was a first: they had to stop the lift in the middle of Group A due to lightning. With the amount of rain that came down, we could have had a kayaking competition down the river on track instead too. MSA is always a lower-attended round, but it seems that this year is sparser... Continue Reading →

US Open Recap

Right then...ended up covering the US Open for Vital MTB, so that was sick. We will see how MSA goes! Here are the links: Track Walk Practice Seeding Finals Enduro Bike Check  

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