Haast Or Bust

The past two weeks have been a whirlwind of mild chaos.  Becoming temporarily destitute in a foreign country is a little unnerving, but thankfully, having amazing friends to lean on saved the day.  One is never truly without shelter when owning a sweet van though!  So, it was just a shitty situation-turned-awesome, because I got... Continue Reading →

The Competitive Spirit

Who doesn't enjoy racing against their friends? Wynyard World Champs happened this weekend on a sunny Saturday here in Queenstown.  There wasn't much happening, so there were a lot of us standing around with cameras in our hands...pretty comical actually, considering it was a for-fun club race. We all pitched in and this is the... Continue Reading →

Just Getting Started

As the light fades from the top of Cecil Peak, sending Queenstown into shadow, the first day of the new year is on it's way to a gentle closing.  The day was hot, beautiful, and relaxing - hopefully indicative of a good year ahead.  But lest I forget to reminisce about the year come to... Continue Reading →

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