Up Country Livin’

The intentions of staying on top of keeping this up-to-date with wit, insight, and eyetertainment were there! But, as with real-life, time is a factor (always) and I have been hellishly busy with a new job and riding my bike. I've found the balance now though, and have some words kicking around in my head... Continue Reading →

Spicy Speed Machine

Sriracha. That the new bike's name. The new bike is a Marin Hawk Hill 3, which the dudes at Marin helped me sort out, as it's not actually available as a frame, which is what I purchased. For those tuned into the Social Media Sphere, this is the same frame that the likes of Veronique... Continue Reading →

Winter Reviews Round Up

Grab some coffee, this is a big one! I’m built for winter: fuzzy, large, and literally so physically warm, I’ve been dubbed The Human Furnace. Basically, I don’t mind the snowy months, provided there is snow on which to play. This was not one of those years. We had a few notable storms, those were... Continue Reading →

The Sound of Serenity

I seek silence.  Ironic, considering how much I talk when with other people. In the summer, two wheels carry me far into the woods away from the constant hum of the world turning. It’s never far enough to be totally gone, but with the soft hush of wind in my ears and the organic discussion... Continue Reading →

Rewind: McGazza Fest in Queenstown 2018

Forward: This piece was never published in the original place for which it was conceived, which made me quite sad. Nearly a year later though, it still feels relevant. With McGazza Fest 2019 only ten days away, I thought it would be pertinent to showcase the hard work, sick riding, and moving memories people shared... Continue Reading →

Solstice Silver Lining

I feel a mundane betrayal when the weather doesn’t meet my expectations. Take today for example: it’s December 21st, the first day of Winter; the shortest day of the year. Today is supposed to be snow-filled, cold, and spent outside enjoying the solstice. That is not the case though, instead it is a wretched dark... Continue Reading →


Icicles on my bicycle. Fun to say, but the conditions that lead up to that point are questionable at best. Riding through iced-over puddles, the front wheel like the prow of a ship charging through early winter seas, the ensuing descent instantly harrowing as the realization of having literally frozen calipers takes place after cresting... Continue Reading →

Racer Ready…

Definitely don’t call it a comeback. Just putting it out there... With that said, I was finally able to make good on a goal from this year and get back between the tape. For the first time since 2015, I entered and competed in an Elite Men’s DH race (a.k.a. the Pro Open in the... Continue Reading →

Necessary Flair

I don't dress particularly well, I don't flaunt items of value or importance, and I don't have "expensive taste" in the common sense of the phrase. I do own a lot of bikes, top-range electronic equipment, and I eat a lot... so in the less common sense of the phrase, all I do is spend money... Continue Reading →

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