The intentions of staying on top of keeping this up-to-date with wit, insight, and eyetertainment were there! But, as with real-life, time is a factor (always) and I have been hellishly busy with a new job and riding my bike. I’ve found the balance now though, and have some words kicking around in my head which will probably find their way out onto here sooner than later.

Me, fitting a rental bike for Congressman Welch. Any politician who has the confidence to ride in an outfit like that has my support.

In the meantime, I have a piece dropping this week which has been waiting in the wings for a while. It’s a fun one, and I’m proud of the people who are involved, even if the timeliness is long gone, but that’s the world of freelance and why I am no longer in that world full-time.

Loggin’ miles in the loggin’.

Living in the hills where the trails are out the front door and the people are like-minded has been a treat on a whole. Hard to find a job that isn’t a grind sometimes, but it’s good most days, which is all I can ask considering the lifestyle I’m able to lead.

There are some other neat projects in the works, which will make their way onto your screen a little later, but hopefully, they are worth the wait. Until then, I’ll see what else I can conjure up and share with y’all.

Ain’t bad up here…