A Rake and a Gun.

The sense of accomplishment that comes from creative endeavors is something I revel in.  These past few weeks I took it upon myself to restore some beloved trails that had fallen victim to some logging.  I reconnected an old section that joined the upper and lower network of trails, and I also installed a brand... Continue Reading →

Sensational Spring Season

The Might Silver Fern in NZ - photo taken on a hike.Spring in New England is like a post-apocalyptic wasteland.  It's really warm in the day, freezing cold at night, the trees are bare, and you're not sure if it's going to rain or snow, or both.  You plan the day based on what how... Continue Reading →

First Ride Of My Third Summer

A friend in NZ and I were messaging one another on facebook the other day, and as we signed off, his exit line included the phrase, "Enjoy your third summer!"I hadn't thought about this...I hashtagged "second summer" until my fingers hurt on instagram for the last 5 months, but somehow this continuation of the season... Continue Reading →

Back In The Granite State

Just something visual to appease the readership.Arriving home to a wet, cold, snow-covered world was a little depressing, I'll admit it.  After spending our Northern Hemisphere winter in the Southern Summer of New Zealand, the shock of a late Winter took a moment to recover from.  Thanks to all this insane climate change though, the... Continue Reading →

The Long Trip Home

I highly recommend reading your boarding pass carefully, 14 hours is a long, long time to spend in an airport.  The good news though, is you can buy your way into the VIP flight lounges and enjoy the perks usually reserved for the traveling elite.  So, the unlimited wifi, food, coffee, and booze will help... Continue Reading →

Making It Into The Big Time

A good friend and I put together a piss-take gallery over on VitalMTB.com for the Slopestyle finals at Crankworx Rotorua, mainly because we had no client obligations and such.  Take a look!Here's one of my shots from the gallery, click over to the gallery to see the rest!

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