Just something visual to appease the readership.

Arriving home to a wet, cold, snow-covered world was a little depressing, I’ll admit it.  After spending our Northern Hemisphere winter in the Southern Summer of New Zealand, the shock of a late Winter took a moment to recover from.  Thanks to all this insane climate change though, the weather is about flip-flop like an American politician and go from ice-cold to quite warm almost over night.  So, things are looking up.
Better yet, the race season is officially under way with the opening round of the World Cup happening this weekend in Lourdes, France.  Despite not being a real professional rider or photographer, it still feels weird seeing all these people I spent time with/around for the past few months on my computer screen instead of in line at the gondola – I feel a little left out!  The feeling is abating though as with each passing hour on this warm, breezy Saturday, the snow is visibly melting.

Due in part to the fact that I’m no longer traveling far-and-away, this blog is going to resume a more close-to-home style of reporting, though I’ll still try and keep it interesting for those of you still tuning in.  It will be heavy with bike-related content, but I’m going to also see what other kind of yarns I can spin based on the goings-on around here in the meantime.  Photographic content ought to remain the same, though the views might not be nearly as spectacular as they have been for the past few months – just a fair warning.
So, while we wait for the season to really cooperate, here is a compilation of photos shot entirely from my balcony in Queenstown:

Not bad, eh?