I highly recommend reading your boarding pass carefully, 14 hours is a long, long time to spend in an airport.  The good news though, is you can buy your way into the VIP flight lounges and enjoy the perks usually reserved for the traveling elite.  So, the unlimited wifi, food, coffee, and booze will help soften the boredom of waiting for your PM, not AM, international flight.  At least I wasn’t in a rush…

The Whakarewarewa forest has both amazing riding, and equally amazing views.

It was an amazing finish to a tremendous 4.5 month stay in New Zealand: two weeks in Rotorua, enjoying all things, “BIKE”; Shooting photos for a week at Crankworx, working my way out of the Y.M.P. [Youngest Most Pathetic] position in the media room, and earning the respect of the cadre of photo-elites of the mountain bike industry, was to me, the perfect culmination of my time Wy Way Down Under.  After the event, I was able to enjoy three day of premier riding with old friends, with whom I was reunited on the other side of the world.  Hooting and hollering, sliding corners, and generally shit-talking was all I could have asked for – it was so much fun.  There are few things I enjoy as much as spending time with close friends, riding bikes in the woods.  To be able to do so in such a magnificent setting was both surreal and amazing.  The places my bike has taken me is something that I marvel at constantly, and a constant I hope to keep in my life. 
Smashing root-infested, slick corners is a fine way to spend the day.  Photo by my good friend Dave.
I arrived back home to dismal weather and “meh” temps, but this will give me the opportunity to settle in, compile some photographic work, and prep for the up-coming summer.  This is all one big adventure, and I’m happy to be once again doing something different, even if I am in a familiar place.  I’m be putting together a more comprehensive photo essay of my travels, and I’m actually looking forward to the retrospective because it will be like being back in NZ all over again!