The sense of accomplishment that comes from creative endeavors is something I revel in.  These past few weeks I took it upon myself to restore some beloved trails that had fallen victim to some logging.  I reconnected an old section that joined the upper and lower network of trails, and I also installed a brand new loop.  One fortunate thing about logging, is that it creates vast corridors through the woods, with great line-of-sight, and pre-packed surface (hard surfaces mean fast, and fast trails are the best trails!).  I did it for me, because I wanted a sweet little power loop, but I also did it for the bike community, because it created access to some new terrain, and can be ridden by all skill levels.  To me, “difficult” doesn’t always equal enjoyable riding, so I set about crafting something with flow, cool sections, and solid distance.  I think this will be a wicked addition to the already great selection available for wheels and feet alike to play on.

At present, I don’t have any photos depicting my efforts to share – so what we instead have is a display of my abilities with a .22 bolt-action rifle.  This was a different kind of afternoon in the woods, and as it were, I did this right after I finished the loop!  It was fun to hang with the guys and have a little marksman competition.  I’d never done this before, though I’ve always been keen to put some lead downrange!  We are now thinking of making this a regular event and having a little friendly monthly gathering with a competitive twist.  To me, this is just like going out for a ride with friends: we’re competing to see who is “on” that day, while enjoying being outside, and the shared company of like-minded folks.
As of recent, I’ve been realizing more and more what it is that I enjoy about my hobbies; while often it is the thrill of the activity itself, I now see that there is also a tremendous social component involved as well.  Sharing the ride, the range, the trails, the fun – it’s what gives the those times that extra zest, the “memorable” factor.  From new inside jokes, to stories shared, the bonding and comradery that is created among a group brought together by a common interest is a unique and exciting element in life.  Full circle, I think that was one of the driving forces behind my motivation to build some new dirt ribbon:  the idea that there is only more good times and funny antics to be had now that it’s there!