Summer Is Now

It's annoying when you're sat in the car, driving the 4 hours home after a race, and all you can think about is, "I should have been riding faster...way faster..." - but sometimes, it's also important to remember that winning (or putting in a good results to be more accurate in my case) isn't always... Continue Reading →

Moving Up To The Big Leagues

The time has come readership, I'm going "pro".  I already race in the pro/elite category, so what I'm actually talking about is life; I'm leaving, on a jetplane, to pursue a career in photojournalism.  I got a gig with a friend, taking photos, writing colorful commentary, and recording fun interviews with the über elite on... Continue Reading →

Trail Vandalism

I wrote this a little while ago.  The matter was sort of resolved through other channels, so this email was never sent.  But, I put time and effort into this piece, and I thought it ought to see the light of day anyways.  Perhaps it will serve as an example for the future regarding diplomatic... Continue Reading →

Believer Of The Hype

I am notoriously cheap...there, I said it.  I try to save money whenever I can, and opulent spending or missing a discount perturb me greatly.  So, when a great deal comes my way, I know it, and I capitalize on it.  This is all especially true when it comes to sporting equipment, in this case,... Continue Reading →

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