Travel Tips For Success

While traveling across Europe this summer, some wisdom was imparted to me from a friend Paul, while we hauled ass across the continent to get to our next destination in a timely manner.  The following is the list that we came up with.  Heed it with caution, or take it with a grain of salt:... Continue Reading →

Interbike…this will be interesting.

I am embarking on a brief but likely strange trip to Las Vegas.  I'm not going for the typical, "Strippers and Blow" midweek getaway - I'm actually attending a very large expo of bike and bike-related products (the latter being a very important, and often laughable point of contention).  For bike-minded readers, this pilgrimage to... Continue Reading →

Home Is Where My Parents Live

The season has come to a final rest, and it's officially the off-season.  What an amazing summer it's been, I feel privileged to have been on tour and present for some remarkable moments in the sport.  I'm putting together a little bit for a proper conclusion, but in the mean time, here are a couple... Continue Reading →

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