Interbike…this will be interesting.

I am embarking on a brief but likely strange trip to Las Vegas.  I’m not going for the typical, “Strippers and Blow” midweek getaway – I’m actually attending a very large expo of bike and bike-related products (the latter being a very important, and often laughable point of contention).  For bike-minded readers, this pilgrimage to Interbike is something recognized as a rite of passage, at least in North America.  I already attended Eurobike in random-land Germany earlier in the summer, where I was immediately overwhelmed and muttering to myself about the huge mistake I’d made in attending.  I was at least in good company for my duration of exploration and confusing at Eurobike, which may or may not be the case for this domestic adventure.  I know a fair few people who will be in attendance, but they will likely be working like real adults, not some fledgling Media Squid aimlessly wandering a convention center hoping that there is at least a food vender around the next corner.  At any rate, it will be character-building, a trait I learned is very important in life while reading Calvin and Hobbs during my younger years.  Fingers crossed for a positive and fruitful experience, but regardless, I’m sure I’ll have a story or two to share upon my return.  To keep the trend alive for Squids in challenging situations: #prayformtbjesus …stay tuned.


p.s. to those attending, keep an eye out for a bewildered and lost looking guy, similar to the one pictured above…

Photo Cred (with my camera, trackside at Ft. Bill in June):  Jade Michell

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