I survived Vegas, but only just.  Let’s just say I don’t plan on returning anytime soon, and that I couldn’t have been happier to get back home.

That silly trip aside, it’s Monday again, so that means it’s time for the MLM!  I’ve decided to keep the theme of portraits going (and likely will for the remainder of the series), as I really enjoy sharing something different; a look “behind the curtain” in a sense.  This week I’ve gone full #artbro and made it a classic B&W gallery!

This second installment is from Leogang, the third round of the World Cup.  To get there the whole circus packed up shop, hauled across the UK, got on an overnight ferry (there was a bar, it went exactly as you think it did) to the Netherlands, and from there we drove across Euroland, alllll the way down and into the heart of the Austrian Alps to Leogang.  After a long day of driving, rest stop wifi, multiple language barriers, and discussing the do’s and don’ts of travel, we were grateful to find our accommodations and turn out the lights in preparation for the week ahead.

Thankfully, the following day we were greeted by beautiful landscape, blue sky, and warm temps – basically the antithesis of our time in Scotland the week prior.  The one issue we encountered, was that it was a 30 minute walk to the venue from our (actually really nice) accommodation.  A small price to pay for comfort, and it turned out to be a nice way to start and end the day – good coffee-walk there, and a solid mind-clear home.

The race itself was a historic juggernaut were the male winner managed to take the win without having a chain for his entire run; if you’ve forgotten how a bike works, a chain is a pretty crucial piece of the puzzle.  At any rate, after the race, I went over to Salzburg to hangout with a good friend and go ride a historic venue/mountain, and it couldn’t have been more fun or a better end to a wicked week of sunshine and racing.