With the off-season well in effect, I realized I had neglected to put for the EOSG from World Champs.  It’s taken some time because the volume of photos left over from the biggest event of the year is rather staggering.  But, hopefully you enjoy the tightened selection I put together for the visuals!

World Champs is a special event, the end-cap of the year where a select few come together and race for the biggest bragging rights of the year: World Champion, and the accompanying rainbow-striped jersey (and the gold medal I suppose).  Before this year, I had been able to attend a World Championship event in 2010, the year Mount Sainte Anne was the event host.  It was a mind-blowing experience, as it was also my first World-Cup-Level event experience. It was a tremendous weekend, with amazing results: Sam Hill returned from injury to win with the odds stacked against him; Tracey Mosely took home the gold and promptly retire from downhill, only to go on and crush it in Enduro; Troy Brosnan pipped Neko Mulally in an amazing battle; Lauren Rosser took a massive win, in front of her home country crowd.  For a me, it was a weekend to never forget!

Fast-forward five years, and there I was in Andorra, at the last race of the year, at the end of my first year as a Media Squid on the World Cup circuit.  It was nerve-wracking and exciting all at once – funny to say, as it sounds like I was racing!  But, to me, was almost the same thing.  It was a wild week of weird weather, but a remarkable display of riding as well.  So many riders were looking capable, it was anyone’s guess come Sunday who would be taking home the gold in the respective categories.

Thankfully, race day was a beautiful afternoon, and an it was the cherry on top of a tremendously exciting race.  Junior’s was wrapped up by the World Cup overall winners as well, Marine Cabirou and Laurie Greenland – quite the feat in itself!  Women’s was a good race, but Rachel Atherton ran away with the gold, making her the third person on the day to take the title of World Champion as well as World Cup Champion (much like Manon Carpenter did in 2013).  The Men’s race was insane, and there was some spectacular racing that happened through out the day, and it quite literally came down to the last rider, Aaron Gwin, who ended up crashing, and thus crowning Loic Bruni the 2015 Men’s World Champion.

To be there to witness the excitement, the emotion, and the chaos was a fitting end to a similarly describable Summer.  Thanks again to everyone who tuned in to the coverage, and is continuing to join in the fun here at The Start Gate for the post-season content!  Without further delay, the EOSG: