For the next few weeks, I’m going to be putting out this feature, Memory Lane Monday.  It will be a look back on the race season, weekend by weekend.

To start it all off, we have Fort William in Scotland.

This event was my first World Cup race as an employed photographer.  I hadn’t been to the country or venue before, and it was all the start of my new adventure and chapter in life. To say it was an exciting start to the summer is a gross understatement.

The weather was horrendous all week, to the point where one day of practice was cancelled…impressive really.  Soaked to the core, combating mud, rain, and wind, it was a test of spirit – but I loved every minute of it.  This was the start of the mantra, “No Bad Days”.  When your job is as cool as this, the weather is just another part of the day!

For the selection of photos, I’ve put together a gallery of portraits.  I think we sometimes forget about the people inside the helmets, or the people outside of the tape/in the B Zone.  These friendly faces became friends, colleagues, and travel companions, and without them, this summer would have just been like any other desk job.  Here’s to a few of the many people who made this start of a new adventure exceptionally memorable and enjoyable.