While traveling across Europe this summer, some wisdom was imparted to me from a friend Paul, while we hauled ass across the continent to get to our next destination in a timely manner.  The following is the list that we came up with.  Heed it with caution, or take it with a grain of salt:

  1. Never do currency exchange on a boat.
  2. Never order top shelf booze on a boat.
  3. Be packed ready before departure.
  4. Have a shower whenever the opportunity is presented.
  5. Don’t get rowdy at border patrol.
  6. The trick to living in a van, is being ultimately disciplined – tessellation is organization.
  7. Learn “how old are you?” In various languages.
  8. Don’t rattle the cage.
  9. Give the Greeks lots of money, they need the help.
  10. If you’re going to crash, crash in Austria and have a a European health card.
  11. Always ask for forgiveness, not permission.
  12. McDonalds has free wifi, and it’s pretty fast.
  13. Music choice is up to the person driving.
  14. On the autobahn, constantly check your mirrors…you’re never the fastest driver out there.
  15. Knowing basic conversational phrases in at least two other languages is exceptionally helpful.
  16. Tinder in every new city/location.
  17. Expand your pallet; being a picky eater means you’ll probably go hungry in the Alps.
  18. Always know what the exchange rate is for the currency you’re using.
  19. If it will make for a good story later, why not?
  20. Have fun.
Tindering while driving, while possible, is not suggestible.

Tindering while driving, though possible, is not suggested.