Casual Afternoon Of Racing

Crashing in a race run is never ideal.  Crashing into the underbrush comprised of prickerbushes, is also not ideal.  So, combining the two most certainly makes for an unpleansant occasion.  But, that's racing, and you take the good with the bad.  On a whole, my first international race experience was not marred by this slight excursion... Continue Reading →

No Turkey, Just Bikes

I forgot about Turkey Day, I truly did. I woke up today (Friday, the 28th - I'm 6hrs behind time-wise, but a full day ahead) to a fair few greetings and well-wishes, which left me I thought it was the 27th today. Nope. Straight up missed the 27th all together! But, that's quite all... Continue Reading →

Fun For Your Eyes

If you really enjoy the photos, they are all just added in from my Instagram account, which can be viewed in full here:  (Click)This is headline news here...

Steeper Than Steep

I have never ridden such steep terrain as I did today. Went on what I thought was going to be a nice XC ride, and it turned out to be more of a trek on foot up the rootiest, slickest double track, and then a cliff-edge traverse over to a majestic hill-top view. But wait,... Continue Reading →

BVT meets NZ

A week on of being here, and I finally got to ride on proper trails yesterday, and it couldn't have been more fun. We took my roommates truck up to a local spot to shuttle runs on a simple track, and while it wasn't difficult, it sure was fun - a good way to kick... Continue Reading →

Building Character

I've been Way Down Under for nearly a full week, and thus far, it's been a real mixed bag of learning experiences. The good news though, I have finally found a place to live. It is on the lake, right off the bike path, and a nice bike ride into town. Granted, the price is steep,... Continue Reading →

Beer Is The Universal Language

I can check off, "Partying Way Down Under" off of my to-do list.What started off as a casual visit to a flat (house) to see about a room, quickly escalated to an evening of drinking Wild Buck beer, and sharing crude stories with my new-found friends, all of whom were from the British Isles, with... Continue Reading →

A Lesson In Kindness

Dream Track.  Big Air, Big Views.  Two posts in one day will not be common, but it's raining this afternoon here, and I'm bored.  Interestingly, today was quite eventful.  As Queenstown is not massive, it is easy to navigate on foot if you're willing to put in a little sweat-equity (it's super hilly/steep here, like,... Continue Reading →

Way Down Under

  I am now on the other side of the World, under Australia, on an island in the Western Pacific.  Way Down Under, here in New Zealand, I am quite in awe of the topography - it is majestic.  I will try to do the views justice with the photos I share, but they will... Continue Reading →

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