I have never ridden such steep terrain as I did today. Went on what I thought was going to be a nice XC ride, and it turned out to be more of a trek on foot up the rootiest, slickest double track, and then a cliff-edge traverse over to a majestic hill-top view.
But wait, we are just getting started. I should have known things were about to get beyond wild considering the hike up, but believe you me when I say I was in for a scary awakening.

Some beautiful views before descending into pure chaos.

The steeps were so steep, you usually couldn’t see the chutes around the corners until you were in them. The corners were abrupt and slick. The straight bits of trail were hard to enjoy as your eyes watered for the rapid acceleration. It was chaos. I was riding on pure instinct and adrenaline.
I managed to survived the ordeal, but my bike and ankle are definitely worse for the wear. And worth noting: Kiwi trees and American tees are equally dense and hard, and contact with either should be avoided while out riding…

Proof that it all was real(ly scary).