I forgot about Turkey Day, I truly did. I woke up today (Friday, the 28th – I’m 6hrs behind time-wise, but a full day ahead) to a fair few greetings and well-wishes, which left me perplexed…as I thought it was the 27th today. Nope. Straight up missed the 27th all together!
But, that’s quite all right, as I managed to FaceTime a house full of family and relatives today while standing in a back ally, drinking coffee, and poaching a wifi signal. So, it was pretty much like I was there…not to mention the snap chatting that was happening on the side, which allowed me to be a part of a couple of other gatherings as well. Oh technology! Bringing us together, despite being a world apart!

Dropping in!
“Rude Rock”…

In unrelated news, I did manage to get out for some laps on a local mountain called Coronet Peak on Thursday. It wasn’t super warm, and the wind was causing some trouble, but all-in-all, it was a wicked evening of speed-tucks and small hucks. Funny fact: one of the tracks we were lapping is called “Rude Rock” (or “Cock Rock” if you’re a local), because there is a prominent, dick-shaped rock on an adjacent ridge line.

Tomorrow, Saturday, there is a local race in the evening which I’ve decided I’m going to give a whirl. Figured it would be good to try and keep the Race Edge sharp while I’m here – should be fun to get out there and mix it up with everyone just for the sake of it!