I’ve been Way Down Under for nearly a full week, and thus far, it’s been a real mixed bag of learning experiences. The good news though, I have finally found a place to live. It is on the lake, right off the bike path, and a nice bike ride into town. Granted, the price is steep, but the space is amazing and there is a lot to be said for having privacy. My roommates are a lovely couple, both of whom are contemporaries and athletic, so it’s pretty idyllic.

The view from my balcony at my new flat.  I’m losing my Mountain Man street cred living somewhere so posh…

One thing I’ve learned quickly: hitch-hiking is totally kosher, and you’ll usually get a ride within a few cars passing by. It isn’t just a fall-back plan for travel, it is almost more consistent than the public transit buses! I still need to procure some kind of motorized transportation though, as being dependent on others and/or pedal power is quite limiting; plenty of time work that out though.
No surprise, managing to eat correctly has proved to be the greatest challenge, and I think I’m still a ways away from having it all sorted out. Today’s experience of food shopping in a country running on the metric system, different monetary value, and normal [read: not American] portions meant I felt like I was spending a ton of money on two bags of groceries. I’ll get the hang of this eventually, I can feel it.
The day has now come to a close, and I’ve been forced to go out for dinner again (the gas for the grill wasn’t working). I’m sitting on a bar stool typing this out on my iPhone and all I can think about is how it feels like I’ve been here ages already, but at the same time, it feels like Day 1 – kind of odd. I just have to remember to give myself time to fully settle in and find my stride. So, with that in mind, the next step: find a job!