Everything is packed.  My whole life (sort of) is now in two boxes, a big-ass duffel bag, and an overloaded backpack.  I’ve kept the news low-key for the better part of four months, and it was only because I am not super into sharing the ins and outs of my life with the World – publicly, I’m a pretty private guy.  So, after nearly a decade of interest, a couple months of hard planning, and lots of ups and downs as plans were made, unmade, and remade, I am finally embarking to the other side of the globe on a new adventure, a fresh start, in the amazing place known as New Zealand.

Everyone’s favorite meathead lumberjack on Halloween, just days away from the big move!

I decided that this Winter, I wanted to chase the sun, keep riding my bike, and explore an idea I’ve had since high school.  With no commitments to myself or anyone else, the time was right, and I knew I need to shake things up in my life.  This is not just a trip, or an extended holiday, this is a dry run.  While I am not sure of my eventual intentions, I am keen to see how I enjoy living in eNZed.  There are many reasons for all of this, but the most important one is seeking happiness and a fuller life.  I need to get out and explore, immerse myself in something new and interesting.  Change is good, and keeps one from getting stuck in a stagnant life.
This blog, used primarily for writing about my biggest passion, racing mountain bikes, will now be including tales from Way Down Under.  Many friends and family have expressed great enthusiasm about this big move, and wish to somehow be able to join me, one way or another.  While it may only be vicarious, I will try to bring those of you who arrive here, with me.  Pictures galore, and writing of course, will hopefully provide you will a brief escape from Winter’s grasp, and transport you to the Southern Summer where we can share the astounding views and wonderful cultural nuances of a majestic land and warm people.

Stay tuned, the fun has just begun!