Checking In

Thought I forgot about all of this, didn't you?  Ha!  T'was a just a quick breather before the next big haul, which will be starting this Wednesday; Mount Sainte Anne, in lovely Quebec, Canada (way up North there actually) has been a mainstay in the world of racing for 25 years - my whole life-time... Continue Reading →


Tinder is a running joke these days, but I think it has its merits.  I went on a Tinder date last Thursday, if for no other reason than to hang out with someone who seemed cool.  As it turns out, Sarah is a pretty neat person, and she also photographs really well.  It's always fun... Continue Reading →

Makin’ it official!

We'll see how this works out, but trying to give this "legit" website thing a try.  Thankfully, the blog still exists, but I think it is necessary to grow into the grown-up version without the .blogspot part of the URL! Anyhow, I'm coding illiterate, so this is a whole new level of's a photo... Continue Reading →

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