Thought I forgot about all of this, didn’t you?  Ha!  T’was a just a quick breather before the next big haul, which will be starting this Wednesday; Mount Sainte Anne, in lovely Quebec, Canada (way up North there actually) has been a mainstay in the world of racing for 25 years – my whole life-time as it were.  The first and only time I have been to the venue was in 2010, for World Championships.  It was an unforgettable couple of days, so I am thrilled to be going back, this time “working” instead of “spectating”.

I have been laying low, planning, organizing, hitting the gym, and generally doing fuck-all since getting back from the first leg of the Euroland Adventure.  But, if anything, it’s made me more stoked to get back out onto the hill with everyone.  One thing I did do, was race – yes, I piloted a bike down a course, against the clock!  I almost forgot that’s what I enjoy the most, and the reason I’m now here in this position as a camera-wielding squid .  Even cooler though, was the race was at Windham mountain in the Catskills, on the World Cup track.  This track is close to my heart, as I won the event in it’s opening year all the way back in 2007.  It was the first year we [locals] got to race at the mountain as part of a local series, a race which eventually lead to having a world-class round a few years later.  And, as with years past, this year’s track will certainly provide interesting racing, but I’m getting ahead of myself!  That’s still two weeks away…

At any rate, it’s exciting to have the next two round on “home turf”, and be in attendance in some official capacity.  To hold you over, here are some filler shots from the past few months:

(If you click on a photo, it turns into a click-through-slideshow!  Woo!)