Val Di Sole Afterbang Gallery

The final round of the World Cup in Val Di Sole did not disappoint.  The racing was exceptional, the track was insane, and the weather was perfect.  It was a tremendous culmination to a memorable season, and I am still so excited to have been present for so many amazing moments, on and off track.... Continue Reading →

Windham World Cup Extras

This is the second post of extras, from a week ago at Windham Mountain in the Catskills in New York.  I've captioned the photos, and they might be "a little inside" regarding their casual nature, but I hope you enjoy them at any rate.

Mont Saint Anne Extra

The last World Cup round is a week away, so this weekend, I thought it would be neat to post up the extras from the past two round that didn't make the final cut for official Descent World coverage.  Hope you enjoy! (The photos loaded in backwards, so if you're interested in viewing it as... Continue Reading →

Flat Out In North America

I've been hustling around the North East of Canada and the US for two weeks without much respite, making sure Descent World has all the content the internet can ask for! Mont Saint Anne was a really exciting event, with all sorts of shenanigans and amazing riding. Track Walk Timed Training Qualifiers Finals In the... Continue Reading →

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