Great Friends With Funny Hats

Some might say I'm a bit of a "Holiday Grouch", "Bah-Humbug" if you will.  I supposed I'm just a little disenchanted due to the over-commercialization of the season, and that it tends to show the less-than-pleasnt side of people, in spite of the concept being that of unity, happiness, and goodwill towards one another.  Spending... Continue Reading →

Hit The Ground Running

The trip across Planet Earth started out quite shaky, with multiple hiccups happening before I even got through security at EWR in New Jersey.  Thankfully, after literally sweating [about] the small stuff, the rest of the trip was relatively seamless.  My seat buddy across the US, Lucy,  helped alleviate some of the stress incurred at... Continue Reading →

Migration, Pt. 2

There's a bite to the air...a chill that cuts through even the thickest wool coats; at least that's usually what this time of year is like here at home, but that is simply not how it's going at the moment.  It's been warm, wet, and generally decent.  Because of that, my "escape from the Winter" excuse of... Continue Reading →

Too. Much. Power.

The days go dark at 4pm this time of year, so the "post-work-rides" either get abbreviated into headlamp loops or the classic, Weekend Warrior rides.  A few in our group tape torches to their heads and spin off into the dark after they've put away the suit and tie, but I prefer to wait for... Continue Reading →

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