The discipline of Enduro has sparked like wildfire; it is The New Black, it is the new "it" niche of the mountain bike industry and race scene.  While it is nothing new, the progress of the riders, courses, and bikes are a complete departure from what once was.  What was once seen as a great... Continue Reading →

Do A Trick!

Slopestyle practice was a whole new venture for me, as I've never really shot or been around this part of the sport.  I'll say this:   it's really, really cool.  You never know what's going to happen next, you can't "see" what tricks the riders are about to throw until it's happening - very different from... Continue Reading →

Going In Circles

Pumptrack was delayed from golden-hour-lighting time of 5pm on Thursday, to 7pm under shitty lights on Friday.  Not too many "banger" shots, but here are a few from practice, and then the race - just putting these up for the sake of posterity, not the most thrilling of photo sets. 

White Knuckle Adventure

The Downhill race was a rowdy affair.  The track was loose and the crowd was into it.  It was tight racing between the men and women, right down to the last rider in each category.  As much as I would have enjoyed racing, it was really cool to be track-side for the world-class event, and... Continue Reading →

Look Back At It

The first event of Crankworx New Zealand, in Rotorua, kicked off today with the "Whip Off" event.  It was a wild affair, with some insane demonstrations of bike control, cajones, as well as a couple of cringe-worthy slams.  The pictures will do more than enough to explain how things went, so here's how the podium: ... Continue Reading →

Ciao Bella

It felt good to have been able to celebrate my 25th birthday in Queenstown with all the people I've become close with over the last four months. It's been a while since I spent the occasion with an actual group, out on the town, doing what one does on one's birthday. It was bittersweet, as... Continue Reading →

Curtain Call

Just under two weeks left in Queenstown!It has been unreal how fast this adventure has zoomed by.  Granted, there is still a lot left on the itinerary, but nonetheless, it's seems like just yesterday that I was running across the Auckland airport to my connecting flight to Queenstown, hastily texting home that I'd landed in... Continue Reading →

Time Is A-Flyin’

Holy flying time Batman...it's March 1st, and I really can't believe it.  This adventure is now winding down to its last few weeks, all of which will pass by at Mach 1, no doubt.  I've been thinking back on what I've done (and haven't) since I first found myself here on the other side of... Continue Reading →

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