It felt good to have been able to celebrate my 25th birthday in Queenstown with all the people I’ve become close with over the last four months. It’s been a while since I spent the occasion with an actual group, out on the town, doing what one does on one’s birthday. It was bittersweet, as it was also my last night in town before I began my extended trip home. But, that part aside, it was a fantastic night.

It’s hard to summarize what this trip has meant to me on a whole, as it was (and continues to be) so multifaceted. I specifically didn’t want to be a tourist, and I think I achieved that – I truly got a feel for what it’s like to live here in this cool country. Keeping company with so many like-minded people was rejuvenating and inspiring. It reminded me that no matter where you are, having a core group of friends trumps any shortcomings you may encounter.
The last month of my stay was a whirlwind of top-speed fun and shenanigans. It made leaving a lot more difficult, but ending on such a high note was a tremendous feeling.

Now, I’ve found my way north to Auckland en route to Rotorua for the first event of the year on the mountain bike calendar: Crankworx, eNZed. I’m pumped to be on the official media list for the big show and getting out into the mix. Keep an eye out for daily updates on two-wheels madness!