Olly Wilkins aka @Odub_23 started a social media trend a while back called, "#panshotfriday", as every other day of the week seemed to have some attributed theme.  It's caught on with strong showings from the various MTB Photo Squids, and each Friday, Instagram users have been treated to blurred-yet-sharp(ish) photos from the various accounts they... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane Monday – Andorra

This is it folks, the last one! Andorra marked the final event of my year, the World Championships, the race for all the glory. It was a bitter-sweet week, as it was filled with amazing riding, hilarious banter, and majestic views, but it also marked the moment we'd all part ways until the following year.... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane Monday – Val Di Sole

Autumn is in full-swing now here at home:  it was cold, snowing, and the leaves are covering the trails (making them all but invisible).  I was getting nostalgic thinking back on moments from this Summer, so it's only fitting that it's Memory Lane Monday today!  The final round of the World Cup season was a... Continue Reading →

Racing Will Always Have My Heart

A week ago I was packing clothes and biking apparel into a hockey bag, and prepping my downhill bike for a rowdy weekend of racing.  It was the final round of the Eastern States Cup, the regional/premier race series for the North East, and my last race of the season.  Being that I was away... Continue Reading →

Memory Lane Monday – Windham

This past weekend was the last race of the regional race series here on the East Coast.  It was a wild course, and everyone had their fair share of time on the ground - myself included.  But it was a great weekend on a whole, and a perfect way to close out another fantastic year... Continue Reading →


I have a weird job.  It's a fact.  On a scale of abstraction, what I do is pretty far out to field.  The service I provide does not create tangible stuff, nor does it progress society for the common good.  The fact that someone in my position is making money from pointing plastic and glass at... Continue Reading →

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