When it comes to historic venues of a sport-related nature, Mont Saint Anne (just north of Quebec City) ranks right up at the top.  Having been around from the infancy of the sport of mountain biking, 2015 marked the 25th anniversary of being on the World Cup schedule.  It’s been a crazy two and a half decades of triumph and defeat, and I’ve been fortunate enough to be in attendance here twice.

The first time, was back in 2010 when they had the World Championships; I drove up from Burlington, Vermont where I was attending Uni/College to witness a historic battle across all three DH fields, Men, Women, and Juniors.  Sam Hill, Tracey Moseley, Troy Brosnan, and Lauren Rosser won their respective categories with stellar performances and exceptional grit.

The second time, was this year for the regular-season World Cup round, and I was present as an official Media Squid.  Who’d have thought!?  I was excited as could be, and in the end had an amazing week both on and off track.  MSA always delivers, and I will hold this particular weekend from an awesome summer, close to heart.

This week’s MLM is an eclectic selection of portraits.  There are a few on track, some in the pits, and a fair few from the post-race antics.  25 photos for 25-years, have a browse through!  (Don’t forget, click on a photo to turn it into a click-through-slideshow!)