Film photography is a super-hip hobby to have these days.  Old is new again as is always the case, and kids these days love that, “Vintage Look and Feel” film gives a shot.  Whether it’s Color or Black and White, the medium has a magic to it which I think has been lost on most people who use it for its, “It-Factor”:  The suspense of waiting and hoping you got it right.

I just had a roll of film developed that I had been shooting for over two years.  There are photos on there from before the Summer of 2013, and I only finished up the roll in July of 2015.  This particular roll of film was not some “artsy” undertaking, where I intended to bare my soul through weird abstracts or cliche angles.  To me, I wanted to capture the people in my life, at specific moments in time.  Each one of the shot was methodically taken, and carefully considered for all that it represents.  I love portrait work, and I wanted to create a special little project out of this roll of Kodak 400 B&W.

The one tricky thing about film, is that it’s hard to share digitally.  The scanner being used to translate the film can have a strong impact on image quality, and I think that the one used for this set was not of the highest quality.  But that aside, I think the story behind each photo makes them worth sharing, even if they are not of “print quality” – hopefully I can find someone with a better scanner for the next roll.

In the mean time, take look back in time with me: