Two Week Bonanza

Gear up and let's go! This week is the first half of the two biggest weeks in racing in the US, in my opinion at least, obviously. Kicking off the 14 days of gnar is the US Open at Killington in Vermont. I’ve been [not so] subtly plugging the event, as it’s one of my... Continue Reading →

From The B-Zone

This is a throwback: I was a part of the Deep Summer Photo Challenge in 2016 at the first Crankworx Rotorua. It was a fun experience, but what's funny, is how I ended up in the competition. The story goes, that Seb Kemp, the event organizer and absolute legend, asked Sven Martin, "Who is that... Continue Reading →

Personal History Lesson

      It’s been a quiet summer. For the first time since 2015, I’ve been home…just hanging out. Downtime is good, provided enough time is spent being constructive and/or productive. I’d say the mix has been 70/30 on time spent idle/time spent doing something productive. That is to say, I’ve spent a lot of... Continue Reading →

The Story Behind A Champion

For the second issue of Sender Mag, I went down to Oliver Springs, Tennesee to hang out with friend and racer, Neko Mulally at Windrock Bike Park. The intention of the piece was to take a glimpse into the life of a professional rider who is in fact so much more than just a name... Continue Reading →

Ride App Hero

I am a big fan of Strava, mostly. The reasons I enjoy the app are three-fold: As a washed-up racer, it allows me to still quantify my ride. It’s a rad training tool, providing me with just enough info to gauge my efforts. The app acts as a very interactive ride/memory log, which is neat.... Continue Reading →

Side Stepping

The Start Gate has been dormant for quite a while now. I didn’t forget about it, I just didn’t feel as though I had anything compelling to share. New Zealand was once again a wicked adventure, but certainly not without some trying times and typical day-to-day bullshit. But, it was the place to be as... Continue Reading →

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