For the second issue of Sender Mag, I went down to Oliver Springs, Tennesee to hang out with friend and racer, Neko Mulally at Windrock Bike Park. The intention of the piece was to take a glimpse into the life of a professional rider who is in fact so much more than just a name on a results sheet. I’ve known Neko for a decade and then some, and having raced with/against him as a Junior, it’s been wild to see his rise up the ranks to become a powerhouse in the world of DH racing. This weekend he finally secured the title of National Champion, which I think is super neat. He did it at Snowshoe Mountain in West Virginia, a place he dominated early in his career when the East Coast race scene was booming. To read the piece he and I created, scoop up a copy of Issue 2 from Sender Mag’s online store. If you’re feeling inclined to dig into some more summer reading, you can get all three issues too for a very friendly price and support print. Below is a small gallery of shots from the piece, have a look!