The Wild Women of The World Cup

The top women this weekend were on fire.  They were smashing sections with aggression, hitting the 60' jump at the bottom, and just killing it in general.  I thought I'd give them their own post, because frankly they deserve the separate recognition with a limelight, instead of the bottom dregs of the typical race report. ... Continue Reading →


To witness a massive moment in history (even if it is that of a niche sport), is a pretty surreal feeling.  This weekend, an American Racer, Aaron Gwin, won a World Cup round without a chain.  He broke it pedaling out of the starting hut, and all he had was momentum, gravity, and a little... Continue Reading →


Scotland was something special!  What a weekend.  As usual, difficult to describe in words.  I saw so many friends whom I hadn't seen in ages, and made just as many new ones.  It was just too cool to be mixing it up out there with everyone and being present for wild moments.  The weekend is... Continue Reading →

I Should Have Built An Ark…

Scotland has welcomed me in the only way it knows how: unpredictable weather, forcing me to stand in the rain for a day.  It wasn't all bad, I dressed for the occasion, but it is certainly a little more challenging to stay focused and motivated with your gear is soaked and your hands are cold. ... Continue Reading →

Going Pro

It's late, I'm tired, I'm hungry, and I'm having a ton of fun.Scotland sure looks pretty, and the race is shaping up to be a wicked one.I will keep it short and sweet:  Today was the track walk, so the real excitement is yet to come. Click here to see the official work I'm doing,... Continue Reading →

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