Scotland has welcomed me in the only way it knows how: unpredictable weather, forcing me to stand in the rain for a day.  It wasn’t all bad, I dressed for the occasion, but it is certainly a little more challenging to stay focused and motivated with your gear is soaked and your hands are cold. 

I feel like it was a proper initiation to the circuit, I’d have felt slightly cheated if the weather had held up and I’d gotten something like a sunburn.  Tomorrow’s qualifiers might even be postponed due to apocalyptic weather predictions.  Come 8am, we’ll know a little more.  I know that everyone at the event wouldn’t mind the day off after today – no one was spared from the tormenting rain and wind.

It’s been a real challenge to get into the photo groove, but I’m reveling in the experience.  The people involved with the race have been quite nice, and it’s just a treat to be at such a prestigious venue.  I don’t mind the weather or the hours, my job has no desk and I wear suspenders unironically for me “uniform”…I dig this set up. 

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