Just Twist Your Wrist And Go!

I now finally understand the appeal of motorcycles as transportation.  The freedom of access and ease of use make them ideal for quick trips of exploration and adventure, and they are easy to operate and maintain.  Granted, what I am riding upon is not remotely in the realm of "Easy Rider" or that of a... Continue Reading →

The Witching Hour

And there she stood: sobbing, covered in her own puke, unwilling to comprehend that repeating, "Where's Stu?!" wasn't going to cause him to magically appear.  But, before we get into that any further, let's take a look at how the night started...Just some casual two-person pool action.Another Casual Friday, I had just finished pumping out... Continue Reading →

Back In The Saddle

After a little time off from hucking, my cankle is looking more like an ankle again, so that means it is time to ride! Today, I joined up with some friends for a sweet morning/afternoon of dirt surfing and river-fording, it was an excellent time.  The sun was blasting, the smiles were wide, and I... Continue Reading →

Just Another Week In Queenstown

There is an odd conundrum in the world of downhill mountain bike racing: is it fast to pedal a descent, or "work" the trail features to gain speed?  Having no chain means you can't pedal, but twice in the past month, the "chainless times" have been faster than the fully-equipped times that had been previously... Continue Reading →

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