[Your Name Here]

    For the price of free shit, I will plaster your name on myself and every possession with a smooth surface.  I will endlessly plug your company through hashtags and other means of social media direct marketing.  I have little to no ethics about what I am given or why, as long as it makes... Continue Reading →


2013 was the last year that the AMA Motocross series held a race at the famous Southwick track.  Being a fan of all motorsports and going fast, I am thereby a huge moto fan, much like the rest of this readership.  Some teammates of mine and I decided we were going to go down and... Continue Reading →

Armor Up

Who are the “Taste Makers” in the sport of Mountain Biking?  This is a serious and honest question, because in the miniscule twenty-something years that this sport has really been grinding along, there have been some wild fluctuations in equipment [hardgoods] trends and what’s “cool” [soft goods].  Granted, the equipment trends have more to do... Continue Reading →


Being polite is proper, but being a dick is more fun.  Team Robot is what happens when the sane find insanity after the world stops being polite.  Just like HBCTCI1990, tabloid-style journalism is hilarious and helps keep everyone on their toes.  It is all part of the “Catfish Effect”, keeping the bullshit right at the... Continue Reading →

Le Odeur De Vélo

When my friends and I go out and shuttle a local hill, I always opt to sit in the bed of the truck with the bikes.  Why?  Well, the wind blowing through my hair and the open freedom...who are we kidding, it’s so I can escape the smell of my friends.  It’s an undeniable aspect... Continue Reading →

Quitting Is For Quitters

Defeat is a state of mind, not a state of being.  My dad has always told me to never quit.  He pointedly explained that nothing is gained from giving up, and if you don’t pursue [it] to the end, you will never know what is possible.  If there was ever a man with endless quips... Continue Reading →

Changing Of The Guard

Steve Smith.  What else needs to be said? With an outstanding end to the season, the Canadian Chainsaw Massacre showed us all that his chain was as sharp as ever. From humble beginnings, once an underdog, a young gun exploding with potential, race fans have waited to see what lay dormant under than grin and... Continue Reading →

Underdogging It

The Underdog; the crowd favorite; the people’s champion.  We all look to The Underdog as a testament of hard work, deserving talent, and latent potential just waiting to burst into a wildfire of success.  Downhill racing has alway had a handful of riders with the editorialized title of Underdog, and once this given title is... Continue Reading →

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