A Christmas Story

Xmas midnight treat.Celebrating Chrismakkah abroad was an interesting experience.  I lit the candles over FaceTime with my family, and I spent the Eve walking around downtown Queenstown handing out dessert.  The second part of that story came about when I went for food at my favorite bakery.  I am a familiar face there, and have... Continue Reading →

No Plans Are The Best Plans

Friday Night gave a glimps into Saturday's weather.Waking up to grey skies on a Saturday morning is usually how a lazy day starts off.  But, as everyone knows, I'm not your average person who is discouraged by a little less-than-ideal weather, and I saw this as an opporitunty to get out and potentially have the... Continue Reading →

Different Isn’t A Bad Thing

When we experience something new, I think we tend to try draw lines in our minds to similar memories and events. For me though, I am trying to get as far away from familiar as possible. I don't want the same, the comfortable, the "known" - the world is well-discovered, but I want to turn... Continue Reading →

Out In The Mix

  Summer is here, Summer is here!  The first nice day of the season was so memorable, the town has been talking about Tuesday all week, as though it will now be a day to remember for all of time...to be fair, it was a magnificent day!  It is a slight relief that the sun... Continue Reading →

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