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Memory Lane Monday – Lenzerheide Retrospective

In between the 3rd and 4th round of the World Cups, I went to Greece for a wedding – not a typical mid-season departure!  Once I arrived back in Central Europe, I took a few days to explore, namely Munich and Morzine (yes, that is a long 7 hour drive West across Euroland).  After a brief recess from speed, dirt, and pit antics, the traveling circus found its way high up into the Swiss Alps to the stunning little town of Lenzerheide.  I enjoyed calling it “LAZERHORN”, but that never really caught on…

This magnificent area was like poetry come to life – to say we were all stoked to be there would be quite the understatement!  Right from the start, the sun was out and the temperature was soaring; it was beautiful and we were happy.  The track itself was a burly affair and made for equally exciting riding and shooting.  Both inside and outside the tape were buzzing with excitement over the various happenings with each passing rider.

I personally loved the region and being in such a storybook-setting, it is one of the venues I think both I and everyone else will enjoy returning to in 2016, if not for the lake, for the endless riding around the various peaks.  What started out with apprehension about a new track and venue, was soon replaced by enthusiasm and awe of the surroundings.  Some of those surroundings were also people, and these are photos of those people, from riders to soldiers, there is a healthy mix of characters represented:


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