There are only a couple days left here in New Zealand before I head home and then off to the World Cups!

Kim Newton
FInding a good perspective to show how sideways everyone gets is not hard, because the action speaks for itself. Kim finding parallel.

It’s been a wild and awesome summer of bikes, friends, and photos, and carrying that momentum into the “working” season will be great.  As a small send-off to the season, the Official Unofficial Whip-Off World Championship was organized and put on the other day.  The full photo story for that can be found on Descent World, where I will also continue to bring the best World Cup race action to the screen in the coming months!

If you don’t konw, now you do: Flo De Vries is an savage on any bike. @zachfaulkner

It was leaner summer for content on here, but I felt it better to have some fun in the sun than have a moment-by-moment play of my adventures (that’s what my instagram is for anyhow!).

The hip provides a nice run into the step-up, and riders seem fond of dropping some leg swag along the way. @zachfaulkner

Keep checking in here and there, and for all the latest news for bikes, you know where to go now, and for all of my personal happenings, I just gave you that link as well!

Happy trails, Spring is here, and Summer is on the way!