Today was a first: they had to stop the lift in the middle of Group A due to lightning. With the amount of rain that came down, we could have had a kayaking competition down the river on track instead too. MSA is always a lower-attended round, but it seems that this year is sparser than ever, giving the hill an empty feeling and making for a rather lackluster day. Qualifying will prove interesting, as the sporadic rain and ever-changing conditions didn’t provide much information from which to draw conclusions or preliminary guesses. Here are some shots from today, no order, just ones I liked and stuck out:

…and then the rain came.
On your left! Wyn dodging Kade in the rain.
Hank The Tank swing off it.
Rain drops keep falling on my web.
Dashing through the green with Connor.
MSA is still unforgiving, even with the latest wheel tech…
Kade finding the boost strip on the ramp.
Uh, yeah… never mind.
Shark Finn.
Jerome flying through the fog.
Misty Fern would make for a good stage name.
Eliot fastest B rider for sure.
This is a grasshopper, but it was all crickets out there during practice.
Lotta roost getting turned up by Vali.
Walker thrashing his brother’s bikes.