I seem to have decided to save all of the “fun” for the end.  Nothing (substantial) to report, just know it’s been fun.  Some late nights, new friends, and lots of bike-related smiles – it’s like the finalé of a fireworks show:  tons of excitement, lots of flash and loud noises, and always entertaining.  I’m keen to end on a high note, and keep the momentum going as this wild adventures culminates.

In New Zealand, there is a tradition on one’s birthday where “a yard of beer” (8 beers as it turns out) is consumed in 10 minutes. Here, Baptist is seen going through the throws of the mental and physical challenges of this tradition.

Of some note, in the past week I’ve been reunited with several people, who I haven’t seen in a countable number of years, on the other side of the globe from our last interactions; that was actually quite exciting.  It’s tough though, with some of the new fast friends I’ve made, to be dipping out on them so soon.  The fortunate position we are in though, is that we have many options and means by which we can keep in touch – a small silver lining, and who knows, there’s a good chance that it really is, “see you later” and not “goodbye”.

Wicked Saturday of riding bicycles. Craig, giving it all of the % all day, regardless of how many wheels were involved

Still lots to do in the next few days here in Queenstown, and certainly some more wild times ahead.  Just a quick post, gotta get to bed to start the week off right!