It turns out riding with a camera pack is really difficult, not because of the unwieldy nature of a super-sized hydration pack, but because camera gear is heavy, and so is water.  In an attempt to broaden my ability to shoot more i.e. when I’m riding, skiing, or hiking, not just at a race, I picked up a down-sized camera pack.  The EVOC Photo Scout was the piece of kit I opted for, and yesterday, I took it out for a test ride.

The good news:  It’s comfortable and sensical; the two most important factors I look for.  There is plenty of room for food, water, or a “beverage” (or five) if that’s your style.  There are also pockets, loops, and fixtures to get creative with, should you feel inclined to carry extra clothes, tools, or if you’re the “prepared” type who brings everything and the kitchen sink when you go out for some fun in the woods.

The bad news:  I already weigh about 215lbs/97.5kg, and adding in all of the camera gear means there is now a lot more weight to truck up the hill!  I felt like I was riding though mud by the end of the ride…I’m going to be in wicked shape after a few more treks out and about with camera in tow.  The mild misery of climbing with a large dog on my back was made up for being able to capture some moments from a fun Saturday with the guys.  It’s cool to be able to have some visual keepsakes from the weekend-warrior-rides, the annual hike you organize with all of your friends, or that pow day which really was “epic”.


While I was smoked at the end of my ride, and my hands ached after the descents, I think this was a great upgrade.  iPhone photos of rides and adventures are great, but there is something cool about being able to bring the proper equipment out into the woods, because you never know when the light is going to be peaking or what you might find!  Plus, I can now ski and hike with my gear as well, in a more economical and protected fashion – no more tshirt-wrapped cameras in backpacks!  No more, “I wish I’d had my camera!” moments.  I now have more excuses to go out on a lazy ride and just slash corners, or go for a meandering jaunt to get some super hip Tinder profile pics.

The possibilities are endless now!

Featured riders: Bradical (yellow) and Dr. Doug (blue), at Drummer Hill 11/21/15

(A special thank you to Kal at EVOC USA for helping sort me out with some gear for 2016!)