Twas a beauty of a day for a race. The Women’s race was a battle against a track which had up-and-gone from the time they practiced at 8am to when they raced at 12:30pm. Not a super fair thing in my eyes. But, they cracked on with it, fighting it out, bike against ruts and rocks. It was Rachel Atherton who found the fastest way down to take the win, with Tahneé in hot pursuit. Notable was Mariana Salazar in 4th, especially impressive as she is the smallest rider in the field – mini but mighty! Within the ranks of the men, it was a bit of a guess about who would be fastest, as riders’ were showing varying levels of comfort in many different sectors of the track. The big move of the day was Greg Minnaar’s gap, a formidable tug, which interestingly enough proved to not really be faster, just rad. In the end, Loic Bruni put down a scorcher of a run to win his first WC of the year, closely followed by Troy Brosnan. The following photos are just a collection of cool shots and some relevant ones regarding results. A lot of pan shots exist, as the 1DX shit the bed again, so the 5D MKIII took the reigns but was feeling slow. Technical issues aside, it was a fun weekend back in the B-Zone, thanks for tuning in!

[Ed note: click on the tiled photo clump to view individually and read the captions]

Move of the weekend.
The “Simba Huck” or whatever everyone was calling it…
The only other rider to do it than the pioneer seen here, Greg Minnaar, was Thomas Estaque…who did it in practice without warning in front of everyone after standing around for ten minutes.
A drink well earned! Mariana Salazar in 4th!
Neko dropping into the finish after his first race with the new sleeve.
Charly Dipasquale
Charly Dipasquale with some good B&W contrast.
A casual fifth place for Loris.
Troy, wanting it.
2nd for Troy, just .321 off the win.
Dropping into green is a good sign.
A big win for Loic!