The story line thus far has only been one of guesses and speculation. Riders have been on track, but without a real gauge as to what their efforts are producing. Being a one-off race, it’s tough to tell who is letting it all hang out or riding conservatively until the right time. With all of the riders qualifying (technically speaking), the pressure to uncork the speed has been alleviated – the winning pace will only be shown the moment it needs to be, secrecy is a notorious aspect of World Champs.

From the B-Zone a lot of observations were made, and now the timing sheets from “Qualifying” are confirming or correcting some of those thoughts. Have a look for yourself if you like, makes some friendly wagers even. All I can confidently say is, with rain in play during the timed run today, and clear skies predicted for the weekend, it’s honestly hard to tell who is going to really step up for the gold, barring Junior Women perhaps.

Sunday will be very exciting to watch. Until then, here’s my Top Ten from today:

Day’s end had the course looking savagely beat up in places.
DFL doesn’t mean DNF or DSQ here – Laurie has a chat with Boris as he goes for a jaunt to the finish… just cross the line to make the big show.
DSQ is sometimes a formality, other times, not. Greg has been on both sides of the rules. Thankfully, he’s in the big show on Sunday.
Mini but mighty, Sam’s bike nearly fit in some of the holes, but she held it together.
Anna knows how to send it.
The timeless style of Matt (sr.) is hard to beat.
Hugo, pulling up when others were just trying to complete a practice lap.
As the rain began, we all groaned. Loris carried on like a pro.
Looking like her old self, Myriam is charging the rough.
National Champ and native Quebecois, Vaea is in the spot light for sure.