The track is in ruins, and it’s only the second day of riding.  Foot inspection was almost more common than riding for the first hour of each practice session.  Assessing the damage to the lines and corners was crucial to keeping the rubber side down and not ending up caked and choked out in dust.  Sitting around in the dirt taking photos meant the rest of us non-riders had no choice but to cough and wheeze our way through the day.

Riders started to unleash more race-oriented line choice and gaps, testing the limits of traction and support offered by the brown powder, and which lines offered the best over/under on speed and longevity; What is fast in the morning, may very well not be in the afternoon.  And on a track that changes so much hour-to-hour, this race will favor those who can think quickly and adjust on the fly.

Day 3 is going to be particularly interesting, as race-pace will need to be explored, and the checkers-or-wreckers lines will need to be tested.  Stay tuned!